Bethesda Methodist Church, Rotherham

Bethesda Methodist Church, Tenter Street, Rotherham - 10.08.08

Bethesda Methodist Church

The Bethesda Methodist Church and Sunday School, on Tenter Street, Rotherham, opened on Thursday 18th October 1928. The Architect was Mr. J. Amory Teathes of Sheffield and the contractors were Messrs. John Esheby and Son, of Spring Street, Sheffield.

For the fifty previous years, the United Methodists of Thornhill and district met in an inadequate building at the back of Hope Street which originally belonged to the Wesleyan reformers before being purchased by the Methodist New Connexion. It closed in 2001 when it merged with Eastwood Mission Church.

At some point between 2004 and 2008, the Church was purchased and became the Camelot Play Castle which is a children’s soft play area. The spire was subsequently removed with bricks being aligned around the top of the tower to give the illusion of it being a castle keep with battlements.


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