New houses for Maltby

Herbert Mollekin

Herbert Mollekin

My great uncle, Herbert Mollekin, was a prolific house/estate builder and below is a newspaper article regarding the completion of a new batch of houses in Maltby.





At a cost of £17,781 17s., thirty-six houses have been built by the Maltby Urban District Council, and they were officially handed over to the Council on Wednesday by Mr. H. Mollekin, the contractor.


Maltby Model Village

The Council have now completed 112 houses, 76 of which were commenced some years ago by the Rotherham Rural District Council, but which were completed by the Maltby Urban District Council. Twelve of the 36 new houses, which are built on either side of a new road called Rolleston Avenue, are of the “non-parlour” type. The architect was Mr. Morgan R. Jones, engineer and surveyor to the Maltby U.D.C. The keys of the houses will be handed over to the tenants on Monday.

After an inspection of the houses on Wednesday by members of the Council, headed by County Alderman E. Dunn, Councillor H. Shaw (vice-chairman of the Maltby U.D.C.), and Councillor H. Ross (chairman of the Housing Committee), a luncheon was provided by Mr. H. Mollekin at the Queen’s Hotel, Maltby.

Proposing the health of Mr. Mollekin, Ald. Dunn thanked him for providing the luncheon, and congratulated him on the erection of the very fine houses they had just inspected. He was sure that no member of the Council who had just inspected the houses could have any ground for complaint. He (Ald. Dunn) had seen many housing sites, and he thought he could claim to be a pioneer with regard to Maltby housing. He thought that the severing of Maltby from the Rotherham Rural District Council had been amply justified. He hoped that the tenants who were going to occupy the houses would be house proud and would take advantage of the land at the rear or the houses. He saw no reason why this housing site should not become one of the most picturesque of its kind in the country.

Mr. Mollekin had been responsible for the building of about 1500 houses in Maltby, and the miners in the district were very grateful to him for the splendid houses he had erected for them.

The vice-chairman of the Council (Mr. H. Shaw) endorsed all Ald. Dunn had said. The Maltby Council, he thought could fairly claim to have set a good example to many other local authorities.

Mr. Mollekin, replying, said he had been living in Maltby for 21 years. He recalled the time when big houses were built and sold for £135, and the contractor had to make the roads as well. Nowadays, the bricks alone cost that amount.

Speaking of the relations which should be maintained between employer and employee, Mr. Mollekin said, “If there is any distinction between employer and employee, we shall never get on well with labour in this country.”

He refused to believe that the British workman had altered since the Great War.


George Herbert Mollekin

George H. Mollekin

George H. Mollekin

George Herbert Mollekin, born in 1889 in Hull, is my first cousin, twice removed and son of Herbert Mollekin.

Bert marred twice, firstly to Mary Allison who died suddenly in 1952 and secondly, to Daisy’s friend, Dulcie Wild, in 1953.

Bert issued one child, called, Herbert Randal Mollekin.

Below are a couple of newspaper articles published shortly after Bert’s death.



The death occurred recently at his home, of Mr. George Herbert Mollekin, of 16, Harvest Road, Wickersley. He was 80, and a former building contractor.

For most of his working life, Mr. Mollekin was associated with the Maltby firm of C. Mollekin Ltd. He began work at the firm with his father, and after his death, Mr. Mollekin and his brother, Mr. E. Mollekin, took control of the business for a number of years.

Mr. Mollekin spent most of his life in Maltby and had lived in Wickersley for about three years. During his younger days he was a keen sportsman.

He leaves a widow. Cremation took place last Saturday at Rotherham following a service conducted by Cannon W. Sorby Briggs.

MOLLEKIN. – On February 25th, George Herbert, the beloved husband of Dulcie Mollekin, passed away at his home, 16, Harvest Road, Wickersley. Service and cremation was at Rotherham Crematorium, Saturday, February 28th.

Claude Mollekin

Claude Mollekin

Claude Mollekin

Claude Mollekin, born in 1908 in Rotherham, is my first cousin, twice removed and son of Herbert Mollekin.

Below are a couple of newspaper articles published the day following Claude’s funeral.


MOLLEKIN. – On May 28th, at the Royal Hospital, Sheffield, of The Grove, Blyth Road, Maltby, beloved husband of Kath and dearly loved father of Judith and Mary.


Mr. Claude Mollekin, a Maltby builder and racecourse owner, died at the Royal Hospital, Sheffield, on Tuesday. He was 59.

Mr. Mollekin, of The Grove, Blyth Road, Maltby, had lived in the town all his life. The son of a master builder, he joined the family business after leaving Rotherham Grammar School.

When his father died, Mr. Mollekin entered partnership with his brother, but when this was dissolved he took over control of the family’s building business.

The company has expanded over the years, but Mr. Mollekin had always maintained his interest in the well-being of his employees.

He was constantly grateful for their loyalty, and many men have stayed with the company for a large part of their working lives.


Mr. Mollekin had very wide interests. In recent years he had emulated his father, owning several racehorses.  He had many other sporting interests. In his earlier days he had played competitive football at school, and he also had an active interest in cricket.

He leaves a widow and two daughters.

The Grove

The Grove

Interment took place at Maltby Cemetery yesterday, following a service at Maltby Parish Church, conducted by the Vicar of Maltby, the Rev. C. A. Auckland.

During the service Mr. Auckland said Mr. Mollekin’s vigour had been turned into a skill.

“I knew Mr. Mollekin very well indeed, and regarded him as a very dear friend who did a lot of work for us in the church. But it was not this that brought me into contact with him, but his humanity and his vigour,” he said.

Maltby Cemetery

Family mourners were: Mrs. K. Mollekin (widow), Miss J. Mollekin, Miss M. Mollekin (daughters), Mr. H. Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. S. Mollekin, Mr. S. Mollekin (brothers and sisters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. J. Sadler (brother-in-law and sister), Miss I. Mollekin, Mr. H. Nicholson, Mr. J. Sadler, Mr. and Mrs. M. Green (nephews and nieces).

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gurney (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs. M. Bevitt-Smith, Mr. Nigel Bevitt-Smith (cousins).

Representatives present were Mr. F. Massey (Conisbro’ Urban District Council), Mr. A. Johnson (Oates Builders’ Merchants, Ltd.), Mr. K. L. Perkins (Newtons, Worksop, Ltd.), Mr. J. Shaw and Mr. J. Walker (S. and W. Contractors), Mr. F. Ogley (Oxley and Coward), Mr. E. Stacey (Maltby Forge and Iron Works), Mr. G. W. Routh (T. H. Johnson and Son), Mr. G. Outram (North Notts Gravel Co., Qualbatch Concrete, Ltd., and Ferror Concrete and Stone, North Notts, Ltd.), Mr. F. Catchpole (Maltby Metallic Brick Co.), Mr. W. H. N. Haslam (J. Haslam and Sons), Mr. E. J. L. Pleasance (Worksop Blast Co.), Mr. R. Shaw and Mr. D. Murphy (Shaw and Murphy), Mr. S. Bristowe and Mr. W. H. Tucker (H. Aizlewood Ltd.), Mr. D. Sutherland (Joseph Green, Ltd.), Mr. T. Agar (H. B. Raylor and Co., Ltd.).

Mr. Fernie Greaves and Mr. A. Thurlston-Holmes (Fernie Greaves, Holland and Co.), Mr. J. Clark (Frank Gresham and Co., Ltd.), Mr. W. Stephenson (Doncaster Blood Stock), Mr. N. Brooke (J. H. Bean and Co., Ltd.), Mr. C. Ellis and Mr. P. Mitchell (Murray and Bright, Ltd.), Mr. K. J. Butler (Midland Woodworking Co., Ltd., of Melton Mowbray), Mr. B. W. Ellis, Mr. R. Oddy, Mr. G. H. Davis, Mr. M. Hepples (Maltby Urban District Council), Mr. A. H. Willingham (Midland Bank Ltd.), Mr. T. Foulds (T. Foulds and Sons), Mr. J. Ridley (Ridley’s Woodworking Co.), Mr. H. Barlow (Rotherham Builders’ Supply Co., and J. B. Dent and Co.), Mr. D. Hammerton, Mr. A. Criddle (Criddle and Hammerton, accountants), Mr. E. L. Leng (Brick Marketing Co.), Mr. J. C. Wilberg (B. Croft and Whiteman, Ltd.), Mr. M. O. Auburn (Messrs. Grimwade and Ainsley, quanitity surveyors), Hubert R. Palmer (Jenkinson, Palmer and Associate).

Employees present were Mr. W. White, Mr. E. Kenyon, Mr. E. Tann, Mr. H. Fletcher, Mr. C. Viney, Mr. F. Mottram, Mr. R. Trueman, Mr. A. Crawshaw, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. J. Crawshaw, Mr. J. Pitchford, Mr. C. O’Neill, Mr. A. Brookes, Mr. R. Holgate, Mr. K. O’Neill, Mr. J. Mitchell, Mr. C. Vaughn, Mr. T. Ridgeway, Mr. E. Stacey, Mr. K. Fretwell, Mr. A. Beedle, Mr. G. Loundes, Mr. Granville, Mrs. E. M. Mitchell, Mrs. I. Appleby, Mrs. A. Hepples, Mrs. V. Moody, Mr. R. Longbottom, Mr. D. R. Baxter, Mr. B. Crawshaw, Mr. G. Turner, Mr. G. Casswell, Mr. D. Hall, Mr. R. Cavill, Mr. E. Feltrup, Mr. L. Andrews, Mr. G. Simms.

Claude's grave

Claude’s grave

Others present were Mr. W. H. Palfreyman, Mr. G. Feltrup, Mr. T. Alton, Mr. J. Alton, Mr. D. Atton, Mr. F. Morrell, Mr. A. L. Salmon, Mr. G. W. Hall, Mr. G. Hunter, Mr. W. Jones, Mr. R. Astwood, Mr. T. Badger, Mr. And Mrs. R. Walker, Mrs. N. Batty, Mrs. John Balbirnie (also representing Dr. J. P. E. Balbirnie), Mr. John Pepper (also representing Mrs. Mary Pepper and family), Mr. E. Bowyer and son, Mr. Geoff Spencer, Miss G. Spencer (also representing Mrs. R. Spencer), Mr. H. Bilton, Mr. A. Cumberlidge (also representing Mrs. Cumberlidge), Mr. H. Trueman, Mr. A. Bagley, Mr. C. Ridgeway, Mr. D. W. Charman (also representing the Earl of Scarborough and Mr. E. T. Merryweather), Mr. Leslie Mann.

Coronation Festivities In Maltby


Herbert Mollekin (centre)

Below are a couple of newspaper articles regarding 1911 Coronation festivities arranged by Herbert Mollekin in Maltby, South Yorkshire. My grandfather, John Gilbert Mollekin, could remember this occasion. John would only have been aged thirteen but remembered everybody being dressed in dinner suits and there being plenty of champagne flowing.


CORONATION FESTIVITIES, – Messrs. Mollekin and Co. builders and contractors, are going to entertain about 350 of their workmen, wives and sweethearts at Maltby. Sports, dancing, etc., will take place, and at five o’clock tea will be provided. A large marquee is to be erected to hold 500, and a special floor to be put in for dancing in the evening. There will also be a fireworks display. All the workmen from Moorthorpe, Grimethorpe, Frickley, Hemsworth and Maltby will be invited. A special train from South Elmsall will be run if found necessary.

Herbert Mollekin with chauffeur


To celebrate the Coronation of the King 250 of the employees of Messrs. Mollekin, of Maltby, were entertained in truly handsome fashion on Thursday by Mr. Mollekin. The large field behind his residence afforded ample scope for sports. A large marquee was erected to accommodate the guests to a sumptuous dinner, and served for dancing to the strains of Messrs. Graley’s celebrated string band from the city of Leeds. Mr. Mollekin proposed the loyal toast, which was enthusiastically received by the company. The toast of their worthy host, proposed in felicitous terms by Mr. Norman Gibbs, and seconded by Mr. J. Woolhouse, was feelingly responded to by Mr. Mollekin, who thanked them all most heartily for their good wishes so happily expressed by his friends who were responsible for the toast.

Coronation lamp in Conisbrough

A pleasant interlude in the proceedings was the presentation to Mrs. Mollekin of a pretty and valuable gold pendant, and a silver cigarette case to Mr. Mollekin by Mr. C. Farrar on behalf of the employees. Mr. Farrar referred to the excellent spirit pervading the gathering, and said he was pleased to have an opportunity of meeting them under such auspicious circumstances, and on their behalf presenting to Mr. and Mrs. Mollekin those tokens of their esteem and regard. The gifts were duly acknowledged by the recipients. Prizes to the winners of the various events were distributed, and everything was done on a most lavish scale for, the enjoyment of the numerous guests, one of whom (Mons. P. N. Horeau) had travelled from Bordeaux in order to be present. Harmony prevailed throughout, and the cordial relations between the firm of Messrs. Mollekin and those who work for them was pleasingly evident in all that was said and done during the day.

Gertrude Ivy Mollekin

Ivy Mollekin

Gertrude Ivy Mollekin, born in Pontefract, is my first cousin, twice removed and daughter of Herbert Mollekin.

Below is a newspaper article published shortly after Ivy’s death.


The death occurred yesterday week of Miss Gertrude Ivy Mollekin, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. H. Mollekin, of ‘The Grange,’ Maltby. Miss Mollekin was only 30 years of age.

Prior to the interment, which took place in the Maltby Parish Churchyard on Monday, a service was conducted in the Parish Church by the Rev. H. R. Everson.

(Grave No. 30) Saint Bartholomew's Church, Maltby (8)

Ivy’s grave

The mourners were Mrs. Mollekin (mother), Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Mollekin (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. E. Mollekin (brother ad sister-in-law), Mrs. Brookes (sister), Mr. and Mrs. McGlade (brother-in-law and sister), Mr. and Mrs. S. Mollekin (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Mollekin (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Stan Mollekin (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. J. Sadler (brother-in- law and sister), Messrs. Claud, Fred, and Jack Mollekin (brothers), Mr. Skinner and daughter (uncle and cousin), Mrs. Pearson (aunt), Mr. and Mrs. J. Mollekin (uncle and aunt), Mr. Morgan R. Jones, Mr. A. J. Booth, Mr. E. Davy and Mr. A. Plant (Sheffield), Messrs. T. Ridgway, M. Wilden, H. Box and E. Shaw acted as bearers. Wreaths and floral tributes were sent by ‘Mother,’ ‘Fred, Claud and Jack,’ ‘Sybil and Jack,’ ‘Mabel and Ernest,’ ‘Harry, Dolly, Basil and Beryle,’ ‘Sid and Lill,’ ‘Dorothy, Ernest and family,’ ‘Uncle Walter and cousins,’ ‘Bert, Daisy, and Herbert,’ ‘Lizzie and Walter,’ ‘Aunt Alice,’ ‘Winnie and Stanley,’ Mr. and Mrs. J. Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Booth, Ald. And Mrs. Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. K. Davy, and Mr. and Mrs. F. Hunter.

Bertha Kennington

Bertha Kennington

Bertha Kennington, born in Hull, is the wife of my great grand uncle, Herbert Mollekin.

Below is a newspaper article published shortly after Bertha’s death.


The funeral took place in the Maltby Parish Churchyard on Tuesday of Mrs. Bertha Mollekin, of Blyth Road, Maltby, who died last Friday. The deceased lady, who was 78 years of age, collapsed at her home. A native of Hull, Mrs. Mollekin had resided in Maltby for 34 years. Her late husband was in business there as a master builder up to his death nine years ago. He will also be remembered as a northern racehorse owner. Mrs. Mollekin did not take an active part in local affairs, but she always supported any deserving cause. She had 16 children, and leaves eight sons and four daughters, with 27 grandchildren and one great grand-child. Prior to the interment a service was conducted in the Parish Church, Maltby, by the Rev. W. A. Burtees, who also officiated at the graveside. The mourners included Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mollekin, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mollekin and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mollekin (sons and daughter-in-law), Mr. Fred Mollekin and Mr. Claud Mollekin (sons), Mr. and Mrs. E. J. McGlade, Mr. and Mrs. H. Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Sadler and Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks (sons-in-law and daughters), Mrs. Pearson (sister), Mr. and Mrs. J. Mollekin (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mr. Frank Hunter (who had worked with Messrs. Mollekins for about 50 years), Mrs. E. Davy, Mrs. Harris and Mrs. E. Dunn. Messrs. Barker C. White, Stables, E. Davy and T. Ridgeway represented the workmen of Mollekin Bros., and Messrs. Firth and W. Godber the firm. Messrs. Morgan R. Jones (Surveyor) and Mr. R. Oddy (Sanitary Inspector) represented the Maltby Urban District Council. Others present were Mr. Charles Stevens, Mr.

Bertha’s Grave

George Brown, Mr. Sadler of Sandbeck, Mr. and Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. T. Holdsworth, Mr. A. J. Booth, Miss Franks and Mrs. Davies. Floral tributes were sent by ‘Dolly, Harry and children,’ ‘Fred and Claude,’ ‘Harry, Ada, Polly and Derrick,’ ‘Mabel and Ern,’ ‘Jack and May,’ ‘Stan and Winnie,’ ‘Jack and Gilbert,’ ‘Sybil, Jack and Betty,’ ‘Ernest, Dorothy and grandchildren,’ ‘Bertie, Daisy and Herbert,’ ‘Sid, Lil and children,’ ‘Alice Pearson,’ Mr. and Mrs. E. Dunn, ‘Hatty,’ ‘Lauri Steeples,’ George Smith, chairman and members of the Maltby Urban District Council, Mrs. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Whitley and family, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hunter, Maltby workmen of Mollekin Bros., Cannock workmen of Mollekin Bros., E. Butler and Sons, ‘Aunt Annie and Uncle Jack,’ Mr. and Mrs. T. White, ‘Thomas and Charles,’ Mr. and Mrs. E. Davy, ‘W. Godber,’ Mr. and Mrs. F. Pearson and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Downing and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Downing, of Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stevens, Halliday and family, Mrs. Bootman, Mr. and Mrs. T. Houldsworth etc. The relatives of the late Mrs. B. Mollekin wish to thank the doctor for his kindness to Mrs. Mollekin during her illness, also those who sent kind messages of sympathy and floral tributes during their great bereavement.

A Maltby Wedding

Bertha L. Mollekin

Bertha Lily Mollekin, born in 1892 in Hull, is my first cousin, twice removed and daughter of Herbert Mollekin.

Below is a newspaper article published shortly after Bertha’s marriage to Halliday Crompton.


The wedding of Mr, Halliday Crompton, of Ravenfield, second son of Mr. W. W. Crompton, solicitor, Bury, Lancashire, and Bertha Lily, eldest daughter of Mr. H. Mollekin, Maltby, took place at St. Bartholomew’s Church, Maltby, on Thursday, in the presence of a large congregation of relatives and friends. A reception was held immediately after the ceremony, in the Assembly Rooms, Maltby, which were suitably decorated for the occasion. About 50 guests attended. The happy couple were the recipients of many choice and valuable presents. The bride groom’s gift to the bride was a beautiful chased gold watch wristlet and to the bridesmaid a gold brooch set with a Ceylonese jewel. The bride’s gift to the bridegroom was a gold and diamond tie slide.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church

Among the presents from the many friends were the following: The bride’s father and mother, household linen and domestic utensils; from the bridegroom’s father, cheque, and from his mother a mahogany roll-top desk and a cheque; silver toast rack, Mr. and Mrs. Addy; silver sugar bowl, Mr. and Mrs. Batty; silver sugar basin and sifter, Mr. and Mrs. Berwick; silver bonbon dish, Miss M. Berwick silver and china cake dish, Mr. W. M. and Miss Briggs; oak clock, Mr. Karl Crompton; seltzogene and silver-mounted milk set. Mr. N. Crompton; table lamp, four cushions, silver-mounted salts, mustard and pepperettes, Mr. A. Crompton; pair of oak-framed engraving, Mr. and Mrs. P. Crowther; leather suit case, Mr. Clifford Crompton; silver-mounted flower case, Mrs. B. Cornhall; hall set, Miss Dufty; worked linen towel cover, Mr. W. Dickson; silver egg stand, Mr. and Mrs. Dyson; tea service, Mr. and Mrs. Elce; pair of silver photo frames, Mr. B. and Miss Foers; silver crumb spoon, Mr. and Mrs. Fretwell; case of fish eaters, Mr. W. Grime; silver-mounted oak biscuit barrel, Mr. and Mrs. Haywood; quilt, Mr. Jarvis; silver cake stand, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hopkinson; silver-mounted sugar sifter, Mabel Mollekin; teas service, Bert Mollekin; ink stand, Miss May and Mr. G. Morrell; silver toast rack, Miss V. and Mr. T. Morrell; silver flower stand, Miss R. and Mr. P. Morrell; silver sugar dish, Miss B. and Mr. O. Morrell; silver egg stand, Miss M. Morrell and Mr. A. Merryweather; silver and china fruit stand, Mr. and Mrs. Millard; coal vase, Mr. H. Nicholson; silver sardine dish, Mr. and Mrs T. Pearson; double dinner service, Mr. and Mrs. W. Pearson; two Wedgwood salts, Misses Vera and Emma Smith; eider-down quilt, Mr. R. Pearson; quilt, Miss Smith; dinner service, Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith; silver mounted biscuit jar, Mr. and Mrs. Plant; Sheraton cardtable, Mr. and Mrs. S. Roberts; carvers in case, Mr. T. Trueman; silver jam tray, Miss Turlow; worked d’oyleys, Miss Trueman; brass arm and Ore brasses; Mr. and Mrs Yates.

During the afternoon the happy pair left Maltby by motor for Doncaster en route for London, where the honeymoon is to be spent. The guests were entertained during the evening, having a very enjoyable concert and dance.

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