George Jarvis & Gertrude Padley


Badsley Moor Lane Hospital

George Jarvis, born in 1888 in Rotherham, is my second cousin, twice removed and son of Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland and Frank Jarvis. In 1910, he married Gertrude Padley, in Rotherham.

George was a well known Rotherham businessman with two Newsagent shops, at 70 Effingham Street and 2 Doncaster Gate.

Despite being a well known Rotherham man and living to the age of 97, George only received a very brief obituary in the Rotherham Advertiser. I have therefore included his wife’s obituary in this entry as it reveals more information; some of the attendees being well known Rotherham people.



2 Doncaster Gate

JARVIS. – George, aged 97, died peacefully on January 30, 1986, in Badsley Moor Lane Hospital. Cremation took place on February 4, 1986. The family of Mr Jarvis wish to thank all the staff of the hospital for their many kindnesses to him during his stay there.


Death of Mrs. G. Jarvis

Mrs. Gertrude Jarvis, wife of Mr. George Jarvis, the well known Rotherham businessman, died at her home at 74, Wickersley Road, Rotherham, yesterday week.

Mrs. Jarvis was born at Herringthorpe Farm and had lived in the Rotherham area all her life.


70 Effingham Street

Married in 1910, she had lived with her husband at Wickersley Road for the past 35 years.

Cremation took place at Rotherham on Tuesday, following a service conducted by the Rev. S. Barker at St. Cuthbert’s Church, Herringthorpe, where Mrs. Jarvis worshipped.

The family mourners were Mr. George Jarvis (widower), Mr. and Mrs. S. Jarvis (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. D. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. E. Barron, Mr. and Mrs. D. Milnes, Mrs. E. Walker, Mrs. M. Toombe and Madge (nephews and nieces).

East Herringthorpe Cemetery, Rotherham - 29.12.15

Rotherham Crematorium

Other mourners were Mr. and Mrs. A. Noble, Mr. and Mrs. K. Empson, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bird, Mrs. C. Birkett, Mrs. H. Gray, Mr. G. Spearing, Mr. E. Spearing, Mrs. N. Hamilton, Mrs. J. Cliff, Mr. E. Holmes, Mrs. E. Schonhut, Mrs. B. Kendall, Mrs. E. Vere, Mr. R. Bellis, Mr. E. Purshouse, Mrs. C. Hartley, Mr. G. Lewery, Miss J. Bailey, Miss K. Douglas, Miss C. Waitling, Mrs. M. Barlow, Mr. S. Hemley, Miss A. Jackaman, Mr. J. Newbould (friends) and others.


Elizabeth Burton & William Bowler Crossland

All Saints' Church (Minster), Rotherham - 10.03.14 (2)

All Saints’ Church

Elizabeth Burton, born circa 1840 in Wombwell, is my second great aunt and daughter of Thomas Burton and Ann Pickersgill.

In 1858, Elizabeth married William Bowler Crossland in All Saints’ Church, Rotherham. For a number of years, Elizabeth and William lived in Greasbrough before moving to live in central Rotherham.

Elizabeth was a shopkeeper, selling secondhand clothes, on Drummond Street, in Rotherham, roughly where the TESCO petrol station stands today.


Drummond Street

To my knowledge, Elizabeth and William issued four children, two of them being William Thomas Bowler Crossland and Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland. Below are four newspaper articles pertaining to Elizabeth and William.




Effingham Arms

On Tuesday evening, Sergeant William Bowler Crossland, who, we regret to record, died yesterday morning, and Sergeant Potter, members of the Rotherham Corporation Fire Brigade, were presented with long service medals. A social gathering took place at the Effingham Arms, and the presentation was made by Capt. Taylor of Doncaster, a member of the Council of the Fire Brigade Association, who had been deputed to discharge the duty by Sir Charles Firth, president of the association. In the absence of Superintendent Turner, who has recently suffered from indisposition, and is now recruiting at Southport, Deputy-Superintendent Williams occupied the chair. Sergeant Crossland was unable to be present at the ceremonial, he being at the time confined to his bed. He had been twenty-five years connected with the local fire brigade service, and for twenty-six years had been engaged in the water-works department of the old Rotherham and Kimberworth Local Board of Health, and afterwards the Corporation. He was highly respected, and his decease will be regretted by many friends. He was 59 years of age.


Rotherham Fire Station

CROSSLAND. – May 3rd, at Drummond street, Mr. William Bowler Crossland, aged 57 years.



The funeral of Sergeant William Bowler Crossland took place on Sunday, at the Rotherham Cemetery, the Rev. W. A. Holiday being the officiating clergyman. The mourners were Mrs. Crossland, Mr. and Mrs. W. Crossland, Mr. and Mrs. F. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Crossland, Mr. and Mrs. G. Crossland, Mrs. Morton, Mr. and Mrs. T. Burton, Miss K. Crossland, Miss F. Crossland, Miss J. Crossland, and the grandchildren, Master F. Jarvis, Miss J. Jarvis, and Miss L. Jarvis. Deceased had been connected with the waterworks department of the Corporation for a large number of years. He was a member of the old Local Board of Health Fire Brigade, and upon the formation of the Corporation Fire Brigade he transferred his services to it, his total service extending over a period of 28 years. He had also been connected with the working staff of the Rotherham Theatre Royal for about 24 years.

The deceased was 57 years of age. He was followed to the grave by the members of the brigade and the working staff of the Theatre. The ex-superintendent, Major Hirst, was present and Deputy-superintendent Williams was in command. Superintendent Turner was unable to be present in consequence of ill-health. Deceased had been a member of the Effingham Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, and about thirty members of the lodge joined in the procession.


Elizabeth & William’s grave

The coffin was borne on the fire engine, which was partially covered by a Union Jack. Wreaths had been forwarded by the members of the Fire Brigade, Mr. Manning, manager of the Theatre Royal, Mrs. Crossland, Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. G. Crossland, the Misses Crossland, Messrs. B. and W. Green, and the working staff of the Theatre Royal. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. T. W. Outram.


CROSSLAND. – October 7th, at 11 court, Drummond street, Rotherham, Elizabeth Crossland, aged 65 years.

Stanley Jarvis


1945 advert

Stanley Jarvis, born in 1901 in Rotherham, is my second cousin, twice removed and son of Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland and Frank Jarvis.

In 1930, Stanley married Dorothy Moncaster, in Rotherham and together they issued one son called, David Michael Jarvis.

Obituaries for Stanley and his son, David, can be read below.



Oakwood Hall

JARVIS. – Stanley, passed away peacefully at Oakwood Hall Hospital, on December 11th; father of David, father-in-law of Denise, and loving grandad of Nicholas and Paul. Cremation took place on December 16th.

Death of Mr. S. Jarvis

Frederick Street, Rotherham - 28.05.09 (3)

Frederick Street

Mr. Stanley Jarvis, of 40, Stag Lane, Rotherham, who founded a radio business in Rotherham in 1928, and retired from it eight years ago, has died in Oakwood Hall Hospital. He was 73.

Mr. Jarvis was born in Rotherham and for a time managed a radio shop in Doncaster before starting his own business with a stall in Rotherham market in 1928. He opened a shop in Frederick Street in 1932, which was demolished 2.5 years ago, by which time his son, Mr. David Jarvis, had taken over the business which included electrical supplies.


Unionist Club

Mr. Jarvis was well-known locally in his youth as a keen billiards and snooker player, and in later life he was a member of the Rotherham Unionist Club and the Woodlands Club. He had been a widower for just over a year, and leaves a son and two grandchildren.

Cremation took place on Monday at Rotherham, the Rev. M. Grylls officiating.


1973 advert


JARVIS. – David Michael, aged 55, passed away suddenly on June 4th, dearly loved husband of Denise, father of Nicholas, Paul and Penny and grandad of Benjamin and Oliver.

Someone loved and never to be forgotten.

Wedding Anniversaries of Rotherham Natives


Frank & Eliza

Eliza Jane Bowler Crossland is my first cousin, thrice removed. In 1880, she married Frank Jarvis and to my knowledge, they issued at least seven children, called, Francis (1880 to 1946), Jennie (1882 to 1949), Laura (1883 to 1940), William (1885 to 1886), George (1888 to 1986), Ethel (1894 to 1961) and Stanley (1901 to 1974).

Eliza and Frank enjoyed a long marriage and below are a couple of newspaper articles that celebrate their golden and diamond wedding anniversaries.

Saint Stephen's Church, Rotherham - 03.08.08 (9)

Saint Stephen’s Church




Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis, of 104, Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham, who celebrated their golden wedding on Thursday, have been the recipients of many hearty congratulations. They were married at St. Stephen’s Church, Rotherham, on June 5th, 1880.

Guest and Chrimes, Rotherham - 05.05.14 (18)

Guest & Chrimes

Both are natives of Rotherham, and Mr. Jarvis is 73 years of age. His wife is 67 years old, and they have three sons and three daughters, nine grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Mr. Jarvis started work at the age of nine with his uncle in the hay and straw business. At the age of fourteen he left his uncle and started work as a brass moulder with Messrs. Guest and Chrimes. On leaving that firm, Mr. Jarvis went to Messrs. J. Paynes’ Brass Works, and he left there to take up a position at Messrs. Baines’ Brass works. For thirty years, he worked for Messrs. Gummers, and on leaving there he became host at the Commercial Hotel, Bridge Street, Rotherham.


Gummers (right hand side)

The oldest member of the Rotherham branch of the Brassworkers’ Association, he was a member of the committee for twenty years. For over fifty years Mr. Jarvis has been actively associated with the Royal Convenant Lodge, and he is still connected with that society.




Diamond wedding anniversary celebrations are being held on Wednesday by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jarvis, of “Havelock Bungalow,” Shenstone Road, Rotherham.

Bridge Street, Rotherham - 28.05.09 (3)

Bridge Street

Both Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis are natives of Rotherham and well-known townspeople. Mr. Jarvis was born in 1857 and his wife five years later. They were married at the St. Stephen’s Church, Eastwood, on June 5th, 1880, by the then Vicar, the Rev. W. Pilkington.

Mr. Jarvis was first employed by a relative in the hay and straw business, and three years later, at the age of 12, he commenced work with Messrs. Guest and Chrimes as an apprentice. After several years there he transferred his interests to Messrs. Baines’ Brass Works, and subsequently went to Messrs. Gummer’s Brass Works, where he rapidly received promotion and was foreman for 20 years.Mr. Jarvis next became

Shenstone Road, Rotherham - 01.07.07 (3)

Shenstone Road

Mr. Jarvis next became licensee of the Commercial Hotel in Bridge Street, a building demolished some years ago for street widening purposes. During the 10 years he was “mine host” he became very well-known. He has now been retired for about 20 years.

Mr. Jarvis served on the committee of the local branch of the Brass Workers’ Association for 20 years, and has been a member of the Royal Covenant Lodge of Oddfellows for about 60 years.

Mrs. Jarvis, who is well known as a whist player, has often held whist drives at her home on behalf of the Hospital Linen League, of which she is a member. She is also a member of the Queen’s Nursing Association.Their eldest son,

Their eldest son, Mr. Frank Jarvis, and a son-in-law, Mr. G. Edwards, both served in the last war, and they now have a grandson in the R.A.F., with another grandson awaiting call-up. Another son is Mr. George Jarvis, a well known local tobacconist.Altogether,

Altogether, Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis have ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Frederick Ambrose Early

Rotherham Road

Rotherham Road

Frederick Ambrose Early, born in 1875 in Rotherham, is my first cousin, thrice removed and son of Priscilla Walker Berry and Jesse Early.

Doncaster Road Congregational Church, Rotherham - 19.08.07 (1)

Doncaster Road Congregational Church

In 1899, in Rotherham, Frederick married Mabel Hutchinson and together they issued five children, called, Leonard (1901 to 1971), Eric (1902 to 1953), Clifford (1905 to 1964), Hannah Mabel (1910 to 1998) and Ernest Harold (1918 to 1963).

Below is Frederick’s obituary. Like his father, Frederick was a Butcher and in 1925, his business is recorded as being located at 31 Rotherham Road, Parkgate.



38 - Moorgate Cemetery, Rotherham (Early) - 17.04.07 (1)

Frederick’s Headstone

The interment took place in the Moorgate Cemetery on Monday, following a service at his home conducted by the Rev. T. J. Williams, of Mr. Frederick Ambrose Early, who died at his home, “Kyngeston,” 96, Broom Lane, Rotherham, on Thursday week, after a short illness.

Mr. Early, who was 77, was born in Rotherham. He was in business on his own account as a butcher and grocer at Parkgate for over 50 years, retiring about six years ago.

He was a lifelong member of the Rotherham Congregational Church. In his younger days he was a keen cricketer, and was also interested in local football.

He leaves a widow, four sons, a daughter and 12 grandchildren.

Walter Early

25 High Street

25 High Street

Walter Early, born in 1872 in Rotherham, is my first cousin, thrice removed and son of Priscilla Walker Berry and Jesse Early.

In 1897, in Rotherham, Walter married Lucy Helena Hutchinson and together, they issued six children.

Walter was a confectioner and had won awards for how well he had decorated his shop on Clifton Lane, Rotherham. In 1925, he is recorded as having seven shops, six of these being in Sheffield. His Rotherham shop at 25 High Street was originally the Three Cranes public house which has recently been restored to it’s former condition.

Doncaster Road Congregational Church

Doncaster Road Congregational Church

Below is Walter’s obituary.


The death occurred on Sunday morning of Mr. Walter Early, of “Lynwood,” 42, Haugh Lane, Sheffield.

Mr. Early, who was a native of Rotherham, had been ill for a considerable time. He was 69 years of age. About 32 years ago he left Rotherham for Sheffield to control the business of Messrs. Dainties Ltd., confectioners. He retired about 13 years ago.

Walter Early

Walter’s grave

A long life Congregationalist, Mr. Early while in Rotherham was a member of the Doncaster Road Congregational Church choir. During his residence in Sheffield he attended the Endcliffe Congregational Church.

He leaves a widow and four daughters.

Prior to interment in the Moorgate Cemetery on Thursday, a service in the Doncaster Road Congregational Church was conducted by the Rev. V. E. Watson (minister).

Alfred Henry Pinder

Masbrough Street

Masbrough Street

Alfred Henry Pinder is my second great uncle. He was born in 1846 to parents, Thomas Pinder and Mary Shackleton.

Alfred was born in 1849 and in 1876, he married Betsy Elenor Jarvis. Together, they issued three children, one of them being Frank Jarvis Pinder.

Alfred died in 1887 and below is his obituary..


Masbrough Independent Chapel

A sad duty remains to be done – to pay a tribute of respect to the memory of Bro. Alfred Henry Pinder, the news of whose sudden death startled all those who heard it yesterday. During a considerable portion of last year, he did not enjoy the best of health, but latterly he seemed to have regained strength. He was one of three sons of the late Mr Thomas Pinder, and they, like their father, have all been members of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows. Bro. A. H. Pinder was connected with the Phoenix Lodge, and on the formation of the George’s Lodge, at Masbro’, a few years ago, he was appointed secretary, a position which he has held since. When Bro. G. J. Jackson removed to New Zealand, in the autumn of 1885, Bro. A. H. Pinder was appointed corresponding secretary of the district, but at the close of last year he found it necessary to resign the office in consequence of ill-health. He was a Past Provincial Grand Master of the Rotherham District. Almost his last public act in connection with the Oddfellowship was to discharge the duty of one of the marshals of the Manchester Unity portion of the Jubilee procession; and on Monday evening he was in his usual position as secretary of the George’s Lodge, when he was apparently in his ordinary health and strength. He was a member of the choir of the Masbro’ Independent Chapel, and was always willing to lend a hand in musical circles.

Saint Thomas's Church, Kimberworth - 15.11.13 (4)

Saint Thomas’s Church

For many years he had been time-keeper at the Masbro’ Stove Grate works of Messrs. Corbitt and Co., Limited, and he leaves a widow and three young children to mourn his loss. He was 38 years of age. On Wednesday night he had what was apparently a return of the affection of the bowels from which he had suffered previously, and Dr. Walker was hastily summoned. He was unremitting in his attentions, but his death ensued yesterday morning from biliary colic. Bro. Pinder will be missed throughout a wide circle, and much sympathy will be felt for his wife and children. During last year the writer enjoyed Bro. Pinder’s counsel and support in the performance of many arduous duties, and it is with him a melancholy duty to pen this tribute to one who was in every respect a thoroughly good-hearted and genial Oddfellow. The funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon, at Kimberworth Church.

PINDER. – July 8th, at Masbro’ street, Masbro’. Mr Alfred Henry Pinder, aged 38.